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Heute hatte ich Schulfrei, weil alles ausgefallen ist!!! Dann habe ich ertsmal eiskalt bis viertel vor 11 geschlafen, was gegessen und dann habe ich mich auch schon an die Englisch Hausaufgaben rangemacht. Wir sollten einen Artikel ber ,,international business customs" mit rund 500 Wrtern schreiben. Ich fand es schon sehr schwierig berhaupt erst einen Anfang zu finden und sa da auch erst lange am Pc bis ich dann endlich die ersten Stze anfing zu tippen. Und dann ging es auch schon rund. Im Internet habe ich dann auch bisschen rechechiert. Wer kann auch schon wissen, dass gewisse Lnder echt bekloppte Bruche haben(wenn man nicht gerade mit denen ,,business" macht, wei man sowas nicht). Na ja, das Ergebnis lsst sich doch sehen(es sind doch mehr Wrter geworden ^^). Ihr msst euch das nicht unbedingt durchlesen, ist eh irgendwie langweilig ;-P :

Business International

Customs vary widely from country to country. In the following article the centres of gravity (->Schwerpunkte)are in working hours and holidays, in appearance(->ueres; Auftretten), and behavior. There are many differences in this customs between the countries. There are a lot of business countries, which you can compare each others but in this article I only concentrated in Great Britain, USA, Germany and Japan. In Germany with 1620 hours worked per year, the working hours are the fewest in compare to the other countries. Whereas the Americans with 1895 hours worked per year, are most busier and have the most working hours. The British are average(->durchschnittlich) working 1750 hours per year and the Japanese are working 1880 hours per year, which is nearly so much like in the USA. In contrast Germany has with their 12 days off per year, more public holidays than the Great Britian, which only 8 ones. The USA has with their 11 days off, nearly the same public holidays like Germany, but remember that the Americans are working more per year than the Germans. Japan has with their 13 days the most public holidays in compare to the listed countries. You can say that the people in the USA and in Japan are really workaholics.

Now I am coming to the next comparison between the countries. The appearance is very important for the first impression. It calls so nice: Dress to impress. Business suit and tie are appropriate(->angemessen) in all major(->greren) cities. Casual dress is never appropriate in a business setting. Every country represent this.In Japan men should wear dark conservative attire(->Anzug). Business suits are most suitable. Womens dress should be conservative. Little emphasis(->Betonung) should be placed on accessories. Women should only wear low-heeled shoes. Avoid using large hand gestures. The Japanese do not talk with their hands. Avoid the "OK" sign; in Japan it means money. The Japanese are not uncomfortable with silence. They use it to their advantage in many situations. Allow your host to sit in silence. A smile can have double meaning. It can express either joy or displeasure(->Missfallen). Use caution with your mimic. They can be easily misunderstood. In the USA you should wear dark colored business suits in colors of gray and navy(->dunkelblau). For an important formal meeting, choose a white dress shirt, for less formal a light blue shirt will still give you a conservative appearance. Women should wear a suit or dress with jacket and the colours of navy, gray, ivory(->elfenbeinwei), and white. Women may wear a business dress, or skirt and blouse, in extremly warm summers. Wherease Men may conduct business without wearing a jacket and/or tie. Casual clothing is appropriate when not attending a work related meeting/dinner. Men may generally wear jeans or khaki pants with a shirt for casual(-lssig) attire(->Kleidung).Women may wear comfortably trousers with a casual shirt. Business dress in Germany is very conservative. Businessmen wear dark suits, conservative ties, and white shirts. Women also dress conservatively, in dark suits and white blouses. Business attire rules are somewhat(->etwas) relaxed in England, but conservative dress is still very important for both men and women.Dark suits, usually black, blue, or gray, are quite acceptable. Men's shirts should not have pockets; if they do, the pockets should always be kept empty. Men should wear basic(->einfach) or patterned ties but avoiding striped ties. Businesswomen are not as limited to colors and styles as men are, though it is still important to hold a conservative(->zurckhaltend) appearance. All in all the appearance are similar in each countries. The behavior is the next big area. In Germany punctuality is necessity. Arrive on time is very important and make a good impression. Being late, even if it is only by a few minutes, is an offence. In Great Britain always be punctual. Arriving a few minutes early for safety is acceptable. In contrast in Japan, if you are invited to a social event, punctuality is not expected(->erwartet). It is the custom to be "fashionably late. Decision-making is slower in England than in the United States. It is unwise to rush the English into making a decision. In Japan most business entertaining is done in restaurants or for example karaoke bars after business hours. The host should order and pay the meal. Business may be discussed during the dinner. In the USA business meetings may be arranged as breakfast/lunch or dinner meetings. Business conversation may take place during meals. In contrast to this in Great Britain when you get-together after work hours, do not bring up the subject of work. A business lunch will often be arranged in a pub with a light meal and perhaps a glass of beer. In Germany it is not uncommon to be seated with your host in German restaurants and discuss business.

In England and Germany gifts are generally not part of doing business. But in Japan gift giving is very important. The gift contains(->beinhaltet) business and personal. But do not surprise with the gift. Give your host some signals during the evening that you intend(->beabsichtigen) to give them a present. Gifts should be given at the end of a visit and not be opened in the presence. Good gifts should include top choice beef, fruit and alcohol. In the USA a gift should not appear to be a bride(->Bestechung). An inivation for a meal is usually acceptable. The British man/woman give in the standard greeting for business occasions(->Gelegenheiten/Anlsse) and for visiting a home, a simple handshake. Eye contact is seldom kept during British conversationens. In contrast the Germans look directly into the persons eyes while shaking hands and nod appreciatively(->anerkennend, dankbar) that make a good impression. In business situations, shake hand at both the beginnig and the end of a meeting is adequate(->angemessen). In Germany it is also adequate when being introduced to a woman, wait to see if she extends(->reichen) her hand. People that have worked together for year still shake hands each morning as if it were the first time they met. In Japan they do not touch in public. It is not allowed to touch someone of the opposite sex in public. In following I will list the points of behaviors, which are in this countries to attend(->beachten), too. In Japan you never pour a drink during a meeting yourself. Always allow someone else to do it for you. In Asia the number 14 is bad luck, because it sounds like the word shuh-shuh, which sound like the word of death. You already should attend that you do not openly display(->zeigen) money. It is seldom to see given from person to person in Japan. In the USA you do not use or chew (->kauen) on a toothpick in public. In Great Britian privacy is very important. Avoid asking personal questions. The British signal that something is to be kept confidential(->vertraulich) or secret, tap their nose. Germans are strongly individualistic and are serious, do not appreciate(->anerkennen) humor in a business context. In business meetings, age takes precedence(->Prioritt) over youth. The eldest person enters first. German men often greet each other with Herrlast name, even when they know each other very well. There are more aspects and customs which a stranger should take care for making business with other countries. It is very important to know the others customs because it can often make or break a deal!

Ich habe auf jedenfall sehr lange gebraucht und danach habe ich meinen Mp3-Player eine Reformation verpasst(musste ja auch mal sein). Sind ja ziemlich viele, alte Lieder drauf gewesen. Ach ja kurz zu den Sommerferien(habe ja schon lange nicht mehr meine Eintrge verfasst):
-war fnf Wochen in Tschechien bei meinen Groeltern
-Habe dort viele, neue Leute kennengelernt
-Mit denen war ich auf Parties.
-Bier,etc. war lecker und gnstig!
-Paragliding habe ich das erstemal in meinem Leben gemacht(ber den Beskyden)!
-Geiles Wetter(hot summer)!
-Pool Party organisiert(voller Erfolg ;-P )!
-Viel im Pool bei meinen Groeltern rumgeschwommen!
-Viele Grillparties!
-Viel Spa!
Im groem und ganzen, war es in Tschechien echt geilo(doch irgendwie hat mir Basti und co. schon sehr gefehlt-fnf Wochen ist ja nicht grad "bermorgen".

In den Herbstferien geht es brigens nach Florida, da freut man sich doch. Vorher werden aber etliche Klausuren geschrieben. Na ja, that's life!(Die neue Schule ist brigens herbe geil, falls es jemanden interessieren sollte ^^).

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